Karpeles Manuscript Library, Jacksonville, Florida

                                                                                                                        July 25, 2018    to    April 30, 2018

                      Who invented the Airplane?                 Who invented the Telephone?              Who provided us with the Electric Light?

                               Most of us know the answer to these questions.   So why don't we know the answer to these:
Who discovered a cure for Diphtheria?
Who discovered Vitamins?
Who discovered Penicillin?
Our inspirational Medical archives recognize the contributions of great individuals in medicine whose contribution to society has been taken for granted.   Documents include significant primary documentation of scientific breakthroughs, pages from laboratory note books  and letters of individuals who have extended and improved the quality of our lives.
Included are original manuscripts by Royal Physician William Harvey who discovered the circulation of blood in 1628

Benjamin Franklin who founded America's first incorporated hospital  

Clara Barton's announcement of the formation of the Red Cross 

a Louis Pasteur archive on Rabies  

An Edward Jenner archive on vaccines

Diabetes            Pavy
Diphtheria          Behring
Elephant Man (The original Manuscript)      Treves
Heart Disease      Christian Barnard
Infection Koch, Robert
Insanity            Dix
Leprosy            Schweitzer
On Blood              Harvey
On DNA            Crick
On Hospitals      Ben Franklin
On Hypnotism    Mesmer
On the Mayo Clinic         Mayo
On Vitamines                   Funk
Pediatrics                       Jacobi
Penicillin                       Fleming; Chain
Plague/Cholera    T Roosevelt (SF Earthquake)
Yellow Fever                  Proud
Rabies                           Pasteur
Flu Vaccine                    Stanley
Inter species disease transmission  Lister
Ether Discovery   Jackson